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Activity 2

URT Activity II


You have just succeeded at securing an interview for your dream job. You know that your chances of success will increase significantly with the amount of information you have about the company, the interviewer, your prospective job, and the match between you and that job. The interview will take place a week from today. You need to work on some serious uncertainty reduction. First, come up with a plan for acquiring all the information you need to maximize your chances of success. Then, answer the questions below.


1. How would you rate your level of motivation to reduce uncertainty in this situation? Explain why.
2. What kinds of strategies did you come up with for getting the information you need? Which ones are passive, which ones active, which ones interactive strategies? Explain your reasons for choosing the strategies you chose. Can you think of any additional strategies that could be appropriate and effective?
3. You do want the interviewer to like you. Based on URT predictions, what communication behaviors could you use to increase chances of reaching that goal?