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Content is King.

That is why this book was written. We wanted to provide a textbook that allowed for real content that had not been massaged by text book publishers. Content that was developed and structured the way teachers actually teach it.

Communication Theory is written for the undergraduate level but can be used throughout the entire major and even included in a capstone curriculum.


Flexibility for all.

Keeping content relevant and fresh is an essential aspect of Communication Theory. We can make substantive updates each semester and enhance the material without charging for the expensive printing of the new "edition." Schools can have control of which chapters are included in Communication Theory and even create chapters and activities to be included in the school’s curriculum.

Searchable text and notes

No need for an index! Just type in the word you are looking for, and you can quickly search not only the entire book, but also all of your notes on the device.


Allows students to tie note taking directly to the relevant content by creating and saving notes based on chapter sections as well as individual presentation slides.


Presentations are included for each chapter that further develop the concepts presented in the material rather than just repeating information.

Interactive Activities

Use activities that have been tested and used in classes with Communication majors or create your own. Incorporate links to provide opportunities to analyze external content, accept students’ activites online, and send feedback to students directly through the web portal.

Costs less than a traditional textbook.

Available on any any device, from
desktop to smartphone.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can this book be used at other schools?
Yes. Other schools can use this book, and we will integrate their school branding into the book and website.
Can I include additional content?
Yes. Other schools can use the material as is, or we will work with each school to provide a version customized to fit their needs.
Can students use this product if they do not have an iPhone or Andriod?
Yes. Any device that has internet access can use the content. The website is responsive, so students can access the content from their mobile device or from a desktop computer.
Do all students in my course have to buy the digital textbook?
Each student is required to purchase an Access Code to login via the website. To ensure that each sudent purchases their own Access Code, we require them to complete activites through the website. They can not get credit for activites without purchasing an Access Code.
Do I have to use all the activities and powerpoints?
No. These are available to assist you throughout the semester, but if you have your own activities and powerpoints, we can create a customized version of the content for the web portal.